Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Circle Card EVER!!

I have not really been a big fan of the circle cards. I like the way they look and all, just was not sure what purpose they served! LOL Well, I chose to create a 4 1/2 inch circle card from Close to my Heart's card book "Wishes" as my swap card for December. This was a HUGE challenge for me, which is why I chose to make one.....

I thought that I would show you the progression of how my card came to be, or will be! The first card started out with just the lamp from the "Welcome Home" stamp set. The little squares around the edge are from the stamp set "Circle Around".

After completing this, I felt like something was missing. So, I went online to ask my fellow CTMH sistahs what they thought..... A few said something needed to be added to the left of the lamp, maybe the couch or the end table. A couple suggested adding random stamping to the blue cs. So, I did both....added a couch AND random stamping.

Now that I have it with and without the random stamping, I cannot decide which one I like the best. Any thoughts??

As I am posting these photos I am noticing that the cards are NOT straight.....kind of hard to do when dealing with a please forgive the crookedness of the cards!

Well, I am off to watch My Sister's Keeper with my family! I hear it is really sad.......better go get the kleenex before I sit down.....

Hope to have inspired you to create your OWN circle that I have created one, I WILL be creating MANY more!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



Sarah said...

LOVE your circle cards!! Now I want to make some LOL

Jennifer said...

uummm yeah, rather addicting! lol

Tammy said...

I love the progression of cards. It is always nice to get input. Now as for the random stamping.... I love it on the blue card stock!

Laura said...

I like the last one best!

Hey Jen, it Laura (Echtinaw) Crumpacker...thanks for posting on my