Friday, November 18, 2016

Mystery of the Missing Card

SO I thought I would share what happened to me this morning. I really debated on whether or not to share this, only because my cupboard is a MESS and not the cleanest. BUT I wanted to keep things "real", because that's who I am. I'm not sure if it's because I am getting older and I am starting to care less, or if I'm tired of feeling like everything has to be "perfect" in my home. Either way, I am who I am, and maybe by my sharing my imperfections, I can continue to grow into the person I am supposed to be. Make sense? I don't think I will EVER live up to the person I THINK I should be. I'm a work in progress.... 

 On to my story.... I had just finished making a card and took it down to show my hubby who was in the kitchen preparing dinner for tonight. (Yes, he is a keeper!!). Because our kitchen is VERY small, I didn't want to put my card down on a surface that wasn't clean, which was EVERY flat surface at that point! SO I put it in a place that I thought would be safe. 

 I made some coffee and after pouring it into my cup, I went to look for my card to show it to Michael...but couldn't find it. I searched for it in the kitchen, on the dining room table, went upstairs to my craft space, then looked AGAIN in the places I had previously looked. I even looked at the dog to see if he had grabbed it, which he has been known to do! lol 

 I finally broke down and asked Michael if he had seen it. After a few minutes of BOTH of us now looking, he called me into the kitchen and asked if I would get out a plate from the cupboard for him....which I found rather odd. But I opened the cupboard door...and guess where my card was?? UGH!!


 I am TRULY losing my ever loving mind! LOL

Thanks SO much for stopping by!!  

Hope this has inspired you to....well maybe not inspired, but to help you feel like you are not alone IF this kind of thing happens to you!!  LOL

Happy Stamping!!


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