Monday, September 28, 2009

How about another swap card?

This is the card that I made for the unit swap that I participate in each month. This card was thrown together last minute....and I really mean LAST minute!! LOL I was cutting out leaves as my daughter tried on ballet shoes for dance that night! I was thinking that I had 1 more day to be able to create a card, but September's unit meeting snuck up on me. If it were a snake, it would have bit me! LOL

If you have seen the CTMH Autumn/Winter Idea Book, then you have seen the super cool technique that is used with the Many Thanks stamp set and Twitterpated papers. If you have NOT seen the Autumn/Winter Idea book then you NEED TO!! LOL

If you like this card, you can find the pattern for it in the CTMH "Wishes" card program book. The card opens up from the top where the Sorbet Waxy Flax is attached to the Colonial White Bigger Brad.

The technique used to create the 2 tone look with the brushed look can be done 1 of 2 ways. The way that CTMH shows in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book is where you put a few drops of Sorbet Reinker on a craft paint tray, run a 1" craft paint brush through it and apply it to the stamp that you want to use.

My version of this technique is a little easier......I inked my stamp in my Sorbet ink pad, took my stipple brush and ran it over the inked image, then just stamped!

Since that made such a super cool effect on my leaves, I thought I would take it up a notch and ink the stamp in either Sorbet or Sweet Leaf ink, then roll the edges in Chocolate ink THEN run my stipple brush over the inked image and stamp. This way I ended up with a 2 tone distressed leaf!!

Well, I am on to finish this month's swap......which I actually know what I am making ahead of time!!! Now to cut for 10 cards before next Tuesday......should be easy, RIGHT??? LOL Anyone who knows me, knows that I will be cutting out and inking everything the day of swap!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope that you have found inspiration in this technique. If you would like a visual for the CTMH version of this gorgeous technique, go to my website and check out the Autumn/Winter Idea Book ONLINE!! See something you like? Contact me, or just order it on my webiste!!


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