Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Blast From the CTMH Past.....

As I was going through my scrap closet I ran across this card that I created with my first stamp set purchased from CTMH.  This was way before the My Acrylix stamp sets were around too.  Just a great old woodie set.  Some of you may even recognize these images!

Don't you just LOVE all the sparkle on the front of the card???  I DO!!  I used a double sided adhesive "paper" on top of the images so my very sparkly Prisma Glitter would stick to it.  Cool huh?

I would give you a supply list for this card, but everything on it is retired!  Darn.....

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Hope this has inspired you to pull out some of your "old" art and display it proudly!

Happy Stamping and Scrapping!!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zippidee Workshop Pages

These are the 6 pages that we will be creating in August.  They use the Close to my Heart papers from "Zippidee" along with the matching Stickease and Fancy Fuzz Zippidee Borders.

 If you would like to attend the workshop, check out my Calendar for more details.  If you do not live in my area but would like to create these 6 pages, I do have kits available for $22.78 plus the shipping costs to send to you.



I LOVE these papers!!  They can be used for SO many different occasions!  I will be putting our Disney photos on these pages.  BUT you can use these for School pics, 4th of July, or any event that has these colors.

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I hope this has inspired you to come to one of my workshops!  We have a GREAT time and get SO much done.  Come to make 6 pages, stay to work on your own projects and pages!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

EMS Sketch Challenge #14.....

As I was browsing CTMH consultant's blogs one day I ran across Cheryl Even's blog and her AWESOME LO sketches.  This is the 2nd sketch that I have tried.....the first one is still waiting on some finishing touches.  I really like the way this turned out and thought I would share it!

This LO calls for 3 1/2 x 5 pictures, for the most part.  Remember when ALL we had to print was this size?  I thought, SWEET, this is a PERFECT chance to use these pics.  The photos are actually from 1998, but I had a brain fart and put 1997 cuz I was looking at similar pics from the year before.  OH WELL....

Here is the sketch that I followed.  If you like it and want to see her other sketches, check out Cheryl's blog.

My LO using Splendor......

Supplies used: 
Paper: Splendor and matching Stickease
Stamp set: Friendship Alphabet
Embellishments: Splendor Designer Brads and Bitty Sparkles

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I hope that I have inspired you to check out Cheryl's blog and create a LO using one of her AWESOME sketches!!

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scraplifted LO's from the CTMH Idea Books

I am re-posting these pics as I had deleted the other post thinking that the Photobucket thing on my blog was from my last post.....but I am thinking that it is NOT me at all, but rather The Cutest Blog on the Block.  So, I am going to delete my background to see if that is the problem.

Until then......Here are the photos that I had posted earlier......Unfortunately I also deleted the comments that were on the previous post.  Thanks for the comments!  So sorry I had to delete them......

As I mentioned on the previous post, I was scrapping this weekend while my hubby is out of town.  I am still on the kick of using what I have so I started looking through past CTMH Idea Books for LO's that I have always liked and wanted to re-create.

Here are 3 of them.  The first one is a sneak peek of some paper and a LO from the upcoming Autumn/Winter Idea Book.  The paper pack is called Mistletoe.  The tree stamp is not new and available NOW for purchase if you like it!!

The next 2 LO's come from the Autumn/Winter 2009 Idea Book and use Emporium and Twitterpated papers.  The twigs, leaves and stars are also CTMH....too cute!!

What I liked most about these LO's was that I used stamps and products that I purchased 2 years ago but had not used yet.  The Felt embellishments being one of those things!

The little flowers used on this LO are from the Shades of Chocolate embellishment pack and the ribbon is from the Chocolate Ribbon Round.  Getting stuff used so I can make room for more stuff!  LOL

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I hope that I have inspired you to get out your "old" CTMH Idea Books, search out your favorite LO's and re-create them using what you have!

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Close to my Heart 2010 Convention in DC

So, I just returned Sunday night from the most AWESOME convention EVER!!  I knew from the first convention that I attended that this would be awesome from the beginning.  BUT I was BLOWN AWAY at how much time, energy and finances were put into this 3 day (for me, 4 day for leadership) convention.  We were dazzled, entertained and educated all at the same time!

Speaking of entertainment.....On Friday during the Awards Gala, we had the privilege of listening to the amazing sounds of Jon Schmidt on his piano accompanied by Steven Sharp Nelson on the cello/percussion.  I had chills listening to them play.  Then on Saturday we laughed till we cried while Anita Renfroe entertained us all with her comedy.  That woman is crazy!  LOL

I will share a few of my favorite photos that I took over the 5 days that I spent in Washington, DC.  I will have a few more once the group of us shares online.  I have one that was taken of a few of us with Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson right after they signed our CD's!

Wednesday:  In order to get this photo, I stopped a worker nearby to see if he would take our photo.  While not exactly excited about the opportunity to take a picture of the 4 of us, he did!  Thanks!!  OH and it was done in 100 degree + weather.......ick!!

Josie, Debbie, Jennifer, Joyce, Martin and myself in front of the capitol.  After nearly passing out from the heat, we decided it would be better if we took an evening tour.  It really was not much better, just no sun beating down on us.  A breeze would have been

This was taken during the first class that I taught during Extravaganza.  I taught 8 different groups of consultants for 20 minutes at a time and taught for 4 hours!  My first class was a disaster......but by the 3rd I was getting into the swing of things.  

This was on the outside of my booth.  I got to take the banner home that has my name on it!!  My class was Art to Flip For.  The top display boards were created by the CTMH art dept.  The bottom boards were all my creations!  I will be posting directions to the 3 mini albums here in the next week or so.

The steps were SUPER COOL!!  As were the other decorations that CTMH put up in the convention hall where we attended all of our classes.

  Now to decide which papers will go best with this trip.......

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I hope that I have inspired you to follow your dreams and if sharing this awesome craft with everyone you meet is one of them, Close to my Heart is the BEST company to be a part of!!

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't know what you got til it's gone......

UUGGGHHH......I just deleted all that I had typed out.  Well, here we go again and THIS time I won't delete it all.....LOL

What I was trying to say earlier, before I deleted it all, was that I did not know what I had till it was gone and no longer available.  I get so caught up in all the NEW and CURRENT products that I completely forget about all the super cool papers and stamp sets that make their debut for a short time only.

Such as the paper pack and stamp set that I have used to create these cards.  The papers are from a CTMH campaign that came out a while back called "Serendipity" and ONE of the stamp sets that I used came from a card kit campaign called "Just Because".  While I LOVED both of the specials, I grew tired of them during the month that they debuted and had not thought of them since......

WHEW almost deleted it all again.....I really need to stop typing and go do some laundry.....LOL

Even though the cards are fairly simple, I thought they turned out pretty sweet!

Supplies used are:
Paper: Serendipity, Chocolate, Bamboo and Colonial White Textured CS
Stamps: Thank You, Just Because, Boutique Borders, Childhood Portrait
Embellishments: Chocolate and Colonial White Ribbon, Bitty Sparkles, Basic Buttons, Chocolate and Colonial White Waxy Flax, and White Hemp
Tools: Wishes card program for the cutting dimensions and directions for the workshop

Thanks SO much for taking the time to stop by and check out my latest creations!

I hope that I have inspired you to dig through your craft supplies and pull out those long forgotten papers, embellishments and stamp sets and use them!  You might be surprised at the treasures that you will find!

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!  Stay safe this holiday weekend too.......