Tuesday, September 28, 2010

STUDIO J.....Have you played with it yet?????

When Studio J was announced to consultants last year, I LOVED the idea of it and could not wait to be able to create pages right on my computer from ANY WHERE I had access to internet.  Especially when we were told that there would be exclusive papers and LO's that could ONLY be found on Studio J!

Well, since then I have joined the Studio J membership program and have been playing away with the awesome features and super cool LO's that are available.  With the membership when you purchase your LO's you are given jpeg files of each of your LO's.  With these I am going to be able to share my pages online!  PLUS I have downloaded a Studio J app to my iTouch so I can have the pages with me at all times to share with my friends and family!

NOW this won't replace my traditional scrapbooking/stamping and cardmaking.  BUT it will certainly supplement it.  NOT to mention that I will be able to create albums for my parents and in-laws at the SAME time!  Once I have created one 2 page LO, I can have multiples printed!  How cool is that?

With the Studio J membership I will save on the cost of each LO (50%), save on shipping (FREE one shipment per month) AND get FREE page protectors with my order!  CTMH really has made this affordable for everyone and I am SO excited to share it with you all!

Here are a few pages that I have created with my membership so far........Click on the picture to make it larger if you want to see more detail.

I have to tell you that my daughter Rachael (in the all black dress) created the above pages!  She just had her homecoming dance this last weekend and as she was showing me her pics from that night I thought about Studio J.  So, I asked if she would be interested in creating some pages using her homecoming photos and she of course said YES!  With just a bit of direction from me walking her through the process, Rachael chose her own paper, colors, and pictures.  Her favorite part of all was the black distressing on the edges of the Twilight paper.  All in all it took her less than 30 minutes to create these pages once her pictures downloaded to the server.

The above 3 pages were from a visit to the Lincoln zoo with my cousins.  This was a treat as I don't see these cousins but every 4-5 years, if we are lucky.  I LOVED the way they turned out!

Last but not least.....this was our first time eating Falafel sandwiches.  My nephew loves them and wanted the kids and I to try them too.  I LOVED them, the kids.....not so much!  I have been dying to go back and take my hubby to give it a try too.

Thanks SO much for stopping by!!  

I hope that this has inspired you to give Studio J a try!  It is FREE to sign up and create your account!  You can even create pages at no cost!  If you would like to purchase the pages that you create, you can purchase them with or without a membership.  Details are on the Studio J button on my sideline.  Check it out!!  Any questions?  Feel free to contact me!  

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!!



Big Red Scraps said...

Great layouts!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Not too bad for digital!

Arielle ~ SnappyStamper said...

Jen, these are awesome!!! For me, going digital has made scrapping even MORE fun than it was before!