Monday, December 16, 2013

6 Days Since Last Post...WHAT??

So much for New Year's resolutions!  LOL  It has been 6 days since I posted here last.  At least it has not been 6 months??  I guess this COULD be a good thing.  After all, I did not promise to post here EVERY single day, now did I?  HA!  That may have come across a bit snotty....sorry for that!  lol

Well, as you all have noticed by now, I love whimsical images and papers.  SO when I saw the Candyland stamp set in the Autumn/Winter 2013 Idea Book...I KNEW I needed to play with it!!  So I bought it and it sat in my stamp stash for at least a month or more while I figured out what the heck I was going to do with it!

Has that happened to you??  Have you ever purchased a stamp/stamp set that you just LOVED, could not wait to get your hands dirty while playing with the different inks and possibilities that this one stamp set had in store for you?  YET when you actually get it home, it just sits there among all the other sets that you could not live without?  This was one of those sets!  Until I was planning for my monthly card class using the Sparkle and Shine papers...which SCREAMED "GET OUT THE CANDYLAND STAMP SET!!  IT WILL BE PERFECT ON THESE PAPERS!!"  So, I did!!

This was the card that we created for card class.  Couldn't you just eat those little gumdrops and take a nice big lick of that ice cream cone chimney?  I just LOVE how nicely Close to my Heart's alcohol markers color in our images!  Even I can make it look good!  lol  I used Slate for the roof and door of the house and Whisper (light) for the main part of the house.

In case you forgot from previous posts, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Liquid Applique!!  I LOVE it SO much, I just might marry it!  LOL Not only do I LOVE Liquid Applique, but I LOVE adding my 2nd favorite embellishment Prisma Glitter to the Liquid Applique before I heat it.  Especially when I am TRYING to make it look like freshly fallen snow!  

Why am I showing you a 2nd card that looks pretty darn close to the first one?  Well, that is because I re-purposed this card to use for my Humble Artist submission for December.  As I was getting ready to mail this month's swap off, I went back through the guidelines for the swap and realized that I needed a cricut cut somewhere on the card!  CRAP!!  How can I add a cricut cut to a card that was already finished with really no room to add a cricut image?  I make the card BASE the cricut cut!  WHEW!!!  That was easy peasy!  lol

If you look closely at the card, you will noticed that I COMPLETELY forgot to color in one of the windows!  Hope the consultant who receives THIS card has a Creme Brûlée marker to color it in!  SORRY!  

Thanks SO much for stopping by to visit my blog!  

I hope that this has inspired you to not be afraid of that stamp set that you could not wait to get your hands on, but have not pulled out of your stash for months, even years!  Go dig through your stash and relive the moment that you first set eyes on the set that you could not live without!  lol

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!!


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