Saturday, May 9, 2009

#1 Excuse......

I started a part time job this last month, so I have not had as much time to "play" as I once did. Because of this, I resigned from the InStyle Stamps DT so I could focus on my CTMH business, my new part time job and most importantly my family!

I am still in the Humble Artists swap which is what I am posting tonight!! I LOVED this challenge for several reasons. BUT first let me tell you what was required this month.....

1. Create a tall card 4 X 9 1/4, must fit in a leagal size envelope
2. Stitch or sew on the card
3. Use 3 different ribbons
4. Use buttons as a accent, may use floss, hemp or twine with buttons
5. Use at least 4-5 layers
6. incorporate a tag some where on the card
7. Make something on your card 3D
8. Have FUN!!

Jamia B. was the one to come up with our challenge rules. I found this great sketch CPS 107 to follow for the LO of my card.

For my card I used the BRAND NEW CTMH paper pack Animal Cookies and the BRAND NEW CTMH Treetops stamp set!!! I love both the new paper pack AND the new stamp set because they can be used for SOOO many different things. I just love versitle products!!

What I loved most about this challenge was I had to use 3 DIFFERENT ribbons on the SAME card. That is actually a challenge for me as I ususally will use at least 1 or 2 different ones, but NEVER 3!! The other thing I loved about this challenge was that I had to stitch on the card. WELL, I happen to have a top of the line (10years ago) Bernina that has all kinds of decorative stitches in it. So, I thought I would give stitching on ribbon a try. LOVE IT!!!!!

Once I had the ribbon tied around the tree and the ribbon stitched on, I was at a loss as to what else I could do with ribbon on this card. WELL, CTMH Chocolate stitched ribbon looks an aweful like tree trunks if you really use your imagination. So, tree trunks it is!
One thing that I may have cheated on was that we were supposed to put a tag somewhere on the card. I did use a metal rimmed tag, I just took out the inside and used it to go around one of my trees. Hopefully it will pass!!

I hope that you have found some inspiration tonight! I know I was certainly inspired by this challenge and look forward to the next one!!

Thanks for stopping by!



Sheila said...

FABULOUS card! Just love the fancy-stitching on the ribbon idea. And, I actually had a hard time finding your 'third' ribbon when just looking at the card. Had to read your explanation to see that the tree trunks were ribbon too. :)

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new job!
WOW your card is GORGEOUS! I LOVE all the humble artists swap artwork! SO amazing!
Love your 3 ribbons.

Laurel said...

Ok I peeked! Fabulous card!!! Love the trees and the stitching on the ribbon. Wasn't this a challenge, it sure was for me!

BTW congrats on the job!

Jen Rubio said...

Hi Jen! I absolutely LOVE your card - it is AWESOME!! - and I am excited to get a sneak peek at it, but am even more thrilled that it will be coming in my mailbox soon!! I used the same "Treetops" stamps for my HA swap card too - so our great minds think alike-lol! (amazingly our cards still look very different - I used the Back Country papers on mine). Mine are going postal first thing in the morning (sorry I am a little late again) and I will get mine posted on my blog some time tonight in case you want to get a sneak peek at mine too. Excellent job on your stunning card - I look forward to seeing it in person!

Maria said...

Hey Jen!! I'm sorry you're not on the ISS team anymore! Basically all but me and Sandy are left from the first team. It's understandable with a new job and all!! I wish you luck with your new part time job and CTMH business!!

Love your colorful card! It's adorable! The images are fantastic. . .such pretty images!