Wednesday, July 20, 2011

As I PROMISED......A Sneak Peak!!

Where OH where do I begin??  Convention was A-MAZING!!!  OH MY GOODNESS......there is going to be SO much to share over the next several weeks!  Close to my Heart is the BEST and I cannot imagine EVER being apart from this company.

I am patiently waiting for my convention bundles to arrive on my doorstep so I can start playing with the stuff that I did not have from Extravaganza.  And I DO mean PATIENTLY........  In addition to the bundles that were PAID for with my Extravaganza convention credit, I just placed an order for 3 of the WOTG kits and the additional projects that are listed with them.......JUST WAIT till you get your hands on the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book!!!  You are going to LOVE everything in it!

While I am waiting on my goodie box to arrive, I have been busy taking pictures of the art that I had on display inside my booth AND on the display boards outside my area.  My topic was "Adding Brazzle Dazzle to Your Artwork.  YEP you guessed it....BLING!!  My favorite thing to add to my pages, cards and paper crafting projects.

Because I can be a bit mean at times.......I am going to drag this out for a bit and make you keep coming back to check for

This first card is a 3x3 and it features Prisma Glitter and a button in our new Bling Assortment.  To make the flower, I started with a Creme Brulee flower from the Spring Blossom Just Blooms Paper Shapes.  I covered the paper flower with Liquid Glass then sprinkled (more like poured) Prisma Glitter over the entire flower.  Shake or tap off the excess and let dry.  The flower becomes a bit more sturdy as the Liquid Glass dries.

This second card is also a 3x3 card that features Prisma Glitter, Pins from the Bling Assortment and NEW Flutter Paper Shapes.  Using the tip of my Liquid Glass container, I ran it around the edges and on the inside "embossed" areas of the butterfly.  I sprinkled Prisma Glitter over it and tapped off the excess. It really does not take much time to dry.  Set it aside for maybe 5 minutes and it should be ready to add to your project.  

Another thing you can do using this technique is to either sponge color onto the edges and embossed lines in the center OR spray the whole butterfly using Rubbing Alcohol and Re-Inker.  Then either use Liquid Glass and Prisma Glitter around the edges OR over the entire butterfly/flower.

The new products that were featured on these 2 cards will be available for purchase August 1st!!  You can either order them from me at OR from your favorite Close to my Heart rep!  

Want to get a discount on CTMH products or start your OWN business by teaching others how to use the AWESOME products that CTMH offers??  Join my team "Creativity in Motion" and join the Close to my Heart community.  It truly is a MAGICAL company to be a part of!!

Hope this has inspired you to get out your Liquid Glass and Prisma Glitter and have a little fun "Adding Brazzle Dazzle to Your Artwork"!!

Happy Scrapping and Stamping!!


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