Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meet Sadie, our new family member!!

I thought I would introduce you all our new family member, Sadie. She is a Havaton and is 11 weeks old. If you have not heard of a Havaton before, it is one has! LOL A Havaton is 1/2 Havanese and 1/2 Coton de Tulear. If you have not heard of either of those breeds, it is ok, not many have! LOL In fact, I had never heard of ANY of the breeds mentioned above until my daughter fell in love with our neighbor's puppy.

My almost 15 year old dd has been begging us for a puppy for years and after a couple of bad experiences with puppies, my hubby and I said that we did not want any dogs! So, without discussing it with my hubby and I, my daughter found out the name of the breeder that the neighbor's adopted their dog from, found that the breeder had a website and started contacting her through e-mail.

It was only after I found a note written to her dad (because she knew how I felt!) that she said she felt empty without a dog in her life, I gave in. We drove a little over an hour to go visit the breeder to see a puppy that Rachael had set her heart on getting. We decided to have the breeder keep her until she was 10 weeks and have her vet spay her there and then pick the puppy up a week later.

My daughter counted down each day, hour and minute until "Molly" was to come home to live with us. There was only 7 days left when I got a phone call from the vet telling me that our puppy did not make it through the surgery. I was devastated!! I knew that when I told my kids the news that they would be heartbroken. And they were......

While she was waiting for "Molly", Rachael would go online to the website to see the new Havaton puppies that were born. So, when we got the news that Molly had died, Rachael had already picked out a different puppy. We drove back to the breeder's 2 days later and found our Sadie. At 4 weeks she was a doll! I don't think that her tail could have wagged any faster! Not only did Rachael fall in love with her, but I did too....

So, here we are with this darling baby girl that in just 8 days has won our hearts!! I never thought I would find a dog that I would love......but I am smitten!!

Thanks for letting me share my story! (for those who stuck around to read it this far! LOL)

I hope to have a card or scrapbook page for you all tomorrow! thanks for stopping by! Please stop back soon. If you have one of these little babies too, leave a comment!



Teresa said...

What a cutie. I can't wait to see pages with her on it.

Lori said...

What a touching story. Sadie is just adorable!!!

Maria said...

Awww, such a sweet story, Jen!! We have two dogs and they are rascals but they are part of the family. We've had our dogs for 6 years and we love them like little children.

I'm glad your daughter now has a dog. . .pets do fill a particular void and they love you unconditionally.

Sadie is soooooo adorable. Makes me want to cuddle her. My daughter wants to major in animal science when she heads off to college so I can understand your daughter's fascination with dogs. My daughter is the same way!!


Judy Rozema said...

Oh - I am so sorry about Molly, and glad that you have Sadie! She is so cute! Where in NE are you? I live in Kearney!

Shary said...

Wow she is a cutie. I hope your daughter has many happy hours with her. I know my kids love our big soft puppy.

Unknown said...

Hi There! Your page came up on the internet when I searched for "Havaton puppies." We have a 1 year old male havaton names Reese, and absolutely love him. We are looking for a female now. What breeder did you get your cutie from?