Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WOW It's been 2 months since my last post!

HOLY SMOKES!! Time sure has flown this past 2 months! And I am ready to slow down and start crafting again. As of next week, I will be a SAHM AGAIN!! WOO HOO!! I have been working 15-30 hours a week for almost a year at our Chrome Enhancements business and have realized that where I really want to be is at home with the kids......Funny how what I thought I wanted turned out to be NOT what I wanted after all!! LOL

SO having said that......I had a chance to create yesterday and wanted to share my unit swap project with you all. I ended up with a dimensional item as my swap item for February. I set out in search of a super cool project as soon as I had my assignment. WELL, 5 weeks sure fly fast when things have been turned upside down and inside out in my life over the past month or so. So here it was Monday and I have to turn in my swap of 12 dimensional items on Tuesday night. What can one put together in that short of time?? I will show you!!

The only difference between these 2 bags is the flower that I used. I did not have enough of one or the other to create 12 bags, so I used what I had. These flowers are new to the Spring Idea Book and are SUPER COOL!! They are the Spring Blossom Just Blooms and I just can't get enough of them right now! I had actually ordered 2 packages of these right away cuz I knew that I would want as many as I could get my hands on! SOOO glad that I did!

The back is fairly plain, but thanks to my daughter, looks better than it did. Originally I had just put Creme Brulee Cardstock distressed with Cocoa ink. Rachael thought it looks a bit plain. So, I took her advice and added patterned paper to match the front paper.

If you like the paper, check out my website for the whole kit! It is called "Veranda" and I think is just beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope to have inspired you to give these little paper sacks a try!



jacque4u2c said...

Yes, you have this is just adorable. I thought front was stunning but the you turned the angle on it WOW! Just beautiful!!!

Cindy said...

Very cute. I need to get some gift bags in my stash.